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Hartoise Certification

About Hartoise Certification

We have all heard the tale of the Hare and the Tortoise where though the hare had better speed he lost the race to the slow moving tortoise. In this age of technological advancement where every second counts, to achieve success in life, it is important that every person transforms himself into an individual who has the efficiency of a hare and consistency of a tortoise Covering the basic time management principle of 1:1:1 for Mind, Body, and Karma; EFFISM incorporates 200 parameters to increase an individual's efficiency and strengthen his / her personal and professional standards. A systematic user of EFFISM will be provided with Hartoise Certification in 3 Levels as a validation of completing the 100 set credits. The certification will be implemented via online exams, and self-assessment methods channeled through EFFISM software.

Benefits of HARTOISE Certification

  • Efficiency Improvement
  • Personality & Skill development
  • Focuses on 100 Professional Goals with Practical Application
  • Encompasses a structured content created in line with international standards
  • Character Change as “HARTOISE” with many fold Efficiency
  • Supports Career Design & Industry Moulding

HARTOISE Certification Pattern

Hartoism Level Duration Credit Cap Expected Outcome
Level 1 100 hrs Total:100 One cap for each increment of 10 credit
  • Understanding of the hartoise concepts to improve efficiency
  • Know the applications of the concepts and techniques
  • Leads to smart goal setting
Level 2 400hrs Total:100 One cap for each increment of 10 credit
  • Succesfully apply the standard techniques
  • Executive tasks aimed at acheiving the goals
  • Monitor the execution of tasks
  • Reinforcement learnings by practice
Level 3 1000hrs + 10000hrs of EFFISM software usage Total:100 One cap for each increment of 10 credit
  • Well versed in all standard techniques / Processes and methodologies
  • Improvise standard techniques to suit his personal needs
  • Incremental increase in efficiency